I have been a professional in the visual arts for more than two decades.

I started shooting photos when I was a young kid. Both my parents were into photography and my Dad always had a camera. I would get rolls of film and shoot whatever looked interesting to me at the time. My brother has always been into media as well including being my middle school audio visual teacher. In High School I worked for the TV station, took photography classes and continued video production and photography in college. I began shooting on film and will always be grateful for that, spending countless hours in the darkroom developing my own film and then adjusting as technology did to digital photography.

I worked for the Detroit Tigers for a summer in my early 20’s, working for the scoreboard. I then worked on several independent movies; I was an editor, assistant director, script supervisor, grip, gaffer…

During this time I dabbled in photography, I always had a passion for it, but I never did put my full attention into it. This all changed in my mid 30’s when I made some life changes. Since then I have become a professional photographer. My passion is cityscape, landscape, street and documentary photography.

I have sold hundreds of prints worldwide, my photography has also been featured on the Michigan State University website, over 30 photos of the day on CNN.com, book covers, CD covers, in hotels and much more... 

Everything you see on this site has been shot between August of 2010 and now. I have it broken up into several categories including overall highlights, and each year so you can see my progression.

Please feel free to contact me at Jmcgrawphotography@gmail.com with any comments or questions. 
I hope my passion for photography comes through in my art. You can click on “Purchase Prints” to see my Fine Art America website for a wider variety and also to purchase photos.
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